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All Terrain Cranes

All terrain cranes are equipped with a longer boom, more tires (usually between six and ten) and two engines. This, combined with their wider cabin, makes them much heavier than rough terrain cranes.

All terrain cranes are highly maneuverable on rough terrain, but also provide the added benefit of being able to maintain higher speeds on public roads.

In the crane industry, all terrain cranes are often seen as the ideal combination of truck-mounted cranes and rough terrain cranes, as they offer mobility and portability without sacrificing the ability to handle off-road conditions. All terrain cranes can usually reach greater heights. They have excellent manoeuvrability, even in snow, mud and other challenging conditions.


We offer XCMG all terrain cranes with capacities from 40 to 1800 t, with engine power from 230 to 485 kW and weight from 24 to 90 t.

The displayed models of XCMG all terrain cranes represent only one part of our offer. All models and their features are for informational purposes only. For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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