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XCMG Pipelayers

XCMG pipelayers offer boom lifting performance equivalent to other brands, while the main boom length is 10% longer compared to similar competitive models, giving XCMG pipelayer users more options.

XCMG pipelayers are characterized by:

- Excellent stability and high working efficiency: the rigid connection between the superstructure and the chassis, extended and widened tracks, and flexibly adjustable counterweight guarantee excellent chassis stability;

- Easy operation: enables simple operations, high flexibility, labor saving and good fine-tuning performance. Reasonably arranged operating levers effectively prevent operator errors and greatly facilitate his work, reducing fatigue;

- Reliable safety guarantee: the equipment, including the limited boom mechanism, the protection device for winding the hook and the free lowering function of the hook, guarantees the safety of the machine during operation;

- Suitable for transport: The boom and counterweight can be easily and quickly dismantled and installed at the workplace.

The displayed models of XCMG pipelayers represent only one part of our offer. All models and their features are for informational purposes only. For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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