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XCMG Dumpers

Dumper with mechanical drive is widely used in mining, construction, quarries, etc.

It has the ability to adapt to different working conditions and high efficiency. XCMG has developed several mechanical drive trucks and mechanical drive light mining trucks with high reliability and low operating costs.

We have a complete range of mining transport vehicles for the entire market.

XCMG boasts a full series of electric dumpers from 120 t to 360 t, which are mainly used in surface mining, large-scale transportation and earthworks, making XCMG efficient in various mining and construction requirements.

It is characterized by extremely high transport efficiency and usability, low maintenance costs and a long service life. The products of this series have high load capacity, rigid structure and impact resistance, so they are the optimal choice when buying mining and construction equipment.

XCMG articulated dumpers are intended for work in non-ferrous metal mines. As such they must be strong and durable with high performance.

XCMG articulated dumpers have low maintenance costs. Thanks to strong technical support dedicated to providing customers with complete construction solutions, XCMG Articulated Dumpers bring you better operational efficiency and return on investment.

For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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