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Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes, also called off-road cranes, are mounted on a four-wheel undercarriage. They have a telescopic boom and support brackets for stabilisation and support during lifting. They are controlled and driven from the same cabin and have one engine that powers both the boom and the undercarriage.

Their four-wheel drive and power steering enable easy manoeuvring over rough terrain on construction sites, even in tight spaces. Rough terrain cranes can get by with less site preparation because of their off-road design.

They have excellent manoeuvrability, even in snow, mud and other challenging conditions.

We offer XCMG rough terrain cranes with a capacity from 25 to 120 t, with an engine power from 140 to 230 kW and a weight from 25 to 80 t.

The displayed models of XCMG rough terrain cranes represent only one part of our offer. All models and their features are for informational purposes only. For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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