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YANTAI Underground Wheel Loaders

We offer YANTAI diesel and electric underground wheel loaders.

YANTAI diesel underground wheel loaders are designed to operate in an underground environment. The frame is a key part of the equipment, and it relates directly to the quality of the machine.

There are no problems such as deformations or cracks, which ensures a long working life of the machines themselves.

YANTAI electric underground wheel loaders, with their zero exhaust emissions, reduce the need for ventilation and improve working conditions. The voltage of electric underground wheel loaders is from 380V - 1140V. They have an electrical leakage protection system that ensures the safety of operations.

Diesel and electric YANTAI underground wheel loaders are characterized by four-wheel drive, high productivity and a compact structure that enables work in limited spaces and reliability. 

For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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