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XCMG Compactors

XCMG compactors are heavy duty compactors with high unit linear load. They are mainly used to compact solid fill in landfills in order to extend the life of the landfills and reduce the area of the landfill.

Crushing and compaction is achieved with a deep groove and a convex block, increasing the compaction effect, adhesion force and permeability.

The front of the machine is equipped with a wide bulldozer, which is used to push small deposits in front, improving the compaction effect.

The cabin is well closed with double doors. A cold/hot multi-function air conditioner is installed with an air-purifying air catalyst, providing the driver's compartment with fresh air and a comfortable environment even in bad conditions.

We offer XCMG compactors with an operating weight from 22 to 29 t, an engine power from 190 to 200 kW and a roller diameter of 1620 mm.

The displayed models of XCMG compactors represent only one part of our offer. All models and their features are for informational purposes only. For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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