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XCMG Wheel Loaders

XCMG manufactures over 50 different wheel loader models to meet all market needs. They are known worldwide for their reliability, durability and exceptional performance. With a diverse range of wheel loaders for mining, construction, roadworks and waste management industry, XCMG has the ideal model to suit your needs.

The main features are a powerful engine, reliability and robustness as well as extra strong heavy-duty structural parts, improved drivetrain and critical parts that can handle torsional and impact loads under various operating conditions.

We offer a wide range of wheel loaders, with an operating weight from 1.1 to 150 t, load capacity from 1 to 35 t, engine power from 54 to 970 kW, with bucket capacity from 0.7 to 18 m3.

The displayed models of XCMG wheel loaders represent only one part of our offer. All models and their features are for informational purposes only. For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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