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XCMG Excavators

XCMG excavators are competitively priced and offer great power, excellent lifting capacity, great reach, impressive operator comfort and overall maximum satisfaction.

Operators can also use a wide range of attachments on XCMG excavators, even most that require a powerful, high-flow machine. With spacious and comfortable cabins, soundproofing and efficient servicing, XCMG excavators are a must-have for any owner who demands superior versatility and malfunction-free performance.

Features of the XCMG Excavator:

- High power, excellent lifting capacity, wide reach, impressive operator comfort and overall maximum satisfaction;

- Available in a variety of excavator sizes to meet practically any requirement or project;

- Outstanding hydraulic performance, short cycle time and high breaking force.

- Operators can use many types of attachments that require a high-flow machine, such as mulchers or augers;

- Spacious and comfortable cabins with sound dampening and state-of-the-art controls;

- A must for any owner who demands versatility and performance at a competitive price.

For details, precise data and special requests, contact our sales team!

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